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With a foreword from Looch (author of  The Black Project, Simple and Direct Mentalism) this book contains fifteen pieces of strong mentalism suitable for stage, close-up and impromptu settings.

Contents includes:

Swami Thing - a quick opening routine I use for Close Up performances, plus a variation from Looch.

The Ambitious Peek - a mind reading routine using nothing more than a stack of business cards, a pen and a common gimmick. It has been described as " innocent looking thing, very usable and workable, and also with great angles as it can be done practically surrounded."

Rub-A-Dub DD - My method for Close Up Drawing Duplications, described as "about as direct and fair as you can get" and again uses nothing more than a stack of business cards and a pen.

Philtrum - another simple ‘peek routine’ that allows you to actually read, not just glimpse, what someone has secretly written on the back of one of your business cards in a very fair and open way.

37th Deception - This is one of my pet routines and one that I almost always use in my stage shows. The effect is that you can appear to make the audience read the mind of a spectator on stage.

Tel. - a routine that allows you to divine any four digit number. The method is somewhat bold, maybe even cheeky but it is by no means high risk. If you are a fan of methods that just make you smile, you will love this.

Nine Bob Note - a serial number divination routine built around my gimmickless take on the classic Which Hand? Effect

Deck Head - My NOT memorized deck. You are seemingly able to 'subconsciously memorize' a shuffled pack of cards and prove it. You then take things further by teaching a spectator to do the same thing. No stooging and no PS.

Thief of Thoughts - My own handling, presentation, and marking system for Larry Beckerís classic Sneak Thief routine.

Love Hate - A mind reading effect that combines classic methodology with NLP Eye Cues in a safe and usable way.

Miser's Peek Wallet - A cheap and easy to use and make alternative to a peek wallet

Alexander Marsh is a bright man whose work will prove valuable to those who want to play it real.
Dale A. Hildebrandt

When I first read his ideas I was delighted in the simplicity and strength of each effect. Not only that but I could immediately see within his writings that he was a worker.

Paolo Cavalli

A book filled with very clever, useable and strong routines
Jerome Finley

A real blend of classic, bold and modern styles.
 Andy Kannon

You would be very, very hard pressed to buy this book and not be able to take something of value from it.
Paul Brook

This is a no-brainer
Sean Waters
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